Abdominal pain after orgasm

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Cramping after orgasm while pregnant

If it is more lower in your uterine or vaginal area you may wanna ask the doctor next time you go. Do not be at all surprised if the scan does not reveal anything at all; endometriosis is not necessarily picked up on an ultrasound scan as these deposits are so small. Yes!!! i’m so glad i’m not alone. It is known that uterine contractions intensify during the oxytocin release triggered by orgasm.

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Abdominal pain after orgasm. We recommend getting an ultrasound to know the reason for pain. It can be caused due to infections. I don’t have children (yet – is it ok that i’ve just joined mumsnet?!) so it’s not a pregnancy related issue. For women, the vagina and clitoris become engorged with blood, leading to contractions of the vagina. A british survey that found that. I’ve been okay with having sex — sex can still be fun when i don’t orgasm, but the actual act of orgasming is freaking me out.

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Thank you very much. Cramping after sex, irregular periods, abdominal swelling, pressure in the abdomen and frequent urination are the signs of ovarian cancer.

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