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Breaking the bank and taking every last penny. Many of my salves love serving me as their blackmail mistress, and those are the ones i remember. A married man is teased by neighbor’s daughter. Sex addict gets mind fucked by hypnotherapist. What will your mistress want as far as info from you? that is strictly up to her.


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Blackmail financial domination. The retribution fees are $200 per clip/movie, $50. The class was at a place called the. [13:39] dominakiara: not only will it be insurance as payment for my effort, but it also will prove to me that you are of age to play these games. So for prospective findoms (aka financial dominatrices) and pay pigs alike, here are a few tips you can have for free. This does not, however, mean the dominant party gets to spend the rest on themselves. Mary really wants sandy to have fun. My attempt at being a sugar daddy turned into a nightmare.


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I loved reding your posting here. Some slaves want their mistress/master totally in control of their budget, giving only a small allowance to live on. A tender reunion, romance, and new heights of humiliation.