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This mg drives great. Lose the guilt, he was smitten, too. In late 1974 however the car underwent its final and most significant change, for to keep the model in line with the ever increasing safety and emission rules being introduced in the us, heavy energy absorbing bumpers were fitted along with a 1498cc 65bhp engine from the triumph spitfire. Reverse can be hard to engage when cold and even selecting first can be difficult.


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Buying a mg midget. Since the above work the mg has been covering relatively low mileage and has been continually improved. This turbo s is in immacul. The earlier mki models with their quarter elliptic rear suspension are perhaps a tad sharper, but can catch the unwary out as there is less warning when things start getting near the edge. 1972 mercedes 450sl project car for restoration. Crunching in higher gears signals more serious problems.


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The reason to use the once deadly-rival company’s power unit came own to it being easier to make compliant with us emissions regulations than the a-series. Wheelarches, lower rear guards, battery shelf, inner sills, spring attachment points, cabin floors and firewall are common rot locations. You do not need to pay any import taxes.

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