Finger in the anus while coming


My partner stuck his finger in my butt and now i want him to do it all the time

(and that was still a lot) my eating disorder would cause severe constipation at times so i began to pull the poop out from my butt. You have control over your external sphincter, but not the internal one. I really don’t want to get my bracelet shitty and i’m too lazy to take it off every time that i want to give in to my obsession so it prevents me from doing it. There are many techniques and procedures for the same problem,” he said. But stapling has become less popular recently, as long-term data shows that it has an increased rate of problematic recurrence, husain said.


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Finger in the anus while coming. Many people do not report bowel incontinence due to embarrassment and a mistaken belief that it cannot be treated. I started this habit 4 years back!!! as most of the people mentioned,i dont know how it started,but its killing me that i am addicted to such a bizzare thing,though i have motivated myself from stopping this ,i find myseld unable to give up a habit that gives me pleasure,at the same time gulit and fear,i fear that if i continue this habit i will loose my life to this. Problem for about a year now it has gotten so bad that i go to the toilet up to 10 times a day i use toilet paper and alot of it to shove up there plus when i do it breaks the lining of my anus and my ring bleeds but only as bad as a drqze bleed like grazing your knee and the. If you slip up wait a few hours and then sit down and watch yourself do what you are ashamed of.

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What kind of mother am i? i feel shame, i feel gross, i feel like this is not normal and i need help of some sort. And you must go to a doctor, man up and explain the problem.

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