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There’s no secret trick for luring your boyfriend’s mouth to your vagina, although courtesy trimming (or if you want, getting a partial or full wax) along with making sure you’re clean and fresh-smelling have been known to encourage oral from time to time. According to the tantric and taoist traditions, the key in getting an all-body orgasm is to sublimate your sexual energy. Once you have your first one in a session, the next ones get easier. Tantrics have proved that both men and women are capable of experiencing discreet (separate) orgasms, and continuous orgasms, without the discharge of the potential sexual energy.

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How do men multiple orgasm. (ponder for a moment what a staggering dearth of research this constitutes, considering what a bonanza viagra has been to the pharmaceutical industry. You will also feel how your penis and testicles are somewhat drawn upwards. You don’t have to explain more than that if you don’t want to. !!! so, folks, i guess this guy richard has a strong point. The level of the arousal will gradually decrease, preparing the way for another genital orgasm. She uses the term cognitive dissonance every few sentences when telling stories about all the people who took serious and sometimes violent offense at her breasts on the subway or in the park. Come join us, guys, in our pool of multiple orgasms.


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Apparently, after this comingling-of-the-selves type valley of an orgasm that occurs, a secondary orgasm follows. This muscle, called the pubococcygeus or pc muscle, is responsible for starting and stopping urine and letting out semen during ejaculation.

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