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While races took place saturday, fetty wap was on stage singing “my way” and “trap queen. Back in 1999, no one drinking in the infield knew that a drunken spectator had stumbled onto the track during the seventh race and tried to punch a horse, artax, who was favored to win the race. Baltimore — it’s 9 a. The kentucky derby is the crown jewel of the triple crown and takes place at legendary churchill downs. But what the preakness lacks in pageantry and locale, it makes up for with its infamous infield. And for some other pics from saturday’s race, here’s our post with a gallery of.


In preakness infield, party is the only event that mattersPreakness stakes: pimlico race track unveils new kegasus mascot - business insider


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Jagermeister bikini contest. And on top of that, there’s an. Kegasus was conceived in the back of an el camino when waitress shelly mcdougal fell in love with preaknesius, god of thoroughbred racing. It was mostly empty by the time exaggerator pulled the upset and beat nyquist. And we think that you will agree! The belmont stakes is the final and longest leg of the triple crown. And evidently, it’s pretty amazing, since promoters are describing it as “an event so spectacular, we accidentally ripped a role in the fabric of awesomeness and out stepped a freaking centaur. The infield has its own entertainment schedule.

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Well apparently when a royal sport falls, it falls hard. The preakness is known as “the middle jewel of the triple crown” and it certainly plays the part of the middle child looking for a way to get attention while bookended by its two more beloved siblings in horse racing’s triple crown calendar. Girls of jagermeister at the 2016 daytona beach bike week from main street from boot hill saloon and full moon.