Masturbate in the woods

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Masturbating in the woods - gay sex story

I grew up in rural indiana and discovered many places i could go and take off my clothes. The sun’s rays seem to deepen the orgasm. And for some reason, much fewer females responded to this question than usual. I also did it when i went camping. After that i put on my shirt and went inside satisfied.


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Masturbate in the woods. So i did it. It sounds weird, but it’s more. One time i packed a lunch and a big bottle of k-y jelly and drove my car out into the country, where no one was around. I was standing at the cucumber display trying to decide which one would be suitable.

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The times after that got more daring. It is nice to sit out in the cool evening air and masturbate, and then get a relaxing night of sleep. It’s kind of like waking up from a dream in the sense that you can’t quite remember exactly what you were watching or why it was arousing in the first place.