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Sexual activity and orgasm are shown to reduce stress due to the surge of oxytocin, the so-called “cuddle hormone,” that occurs with orgasm. Orgasms help you sleep better. This video comes from our partner. Orgasms keep your girly parts healthy. It’s also a fun, free and, well, In fact, according to some estimates, you can torch up to 200 calories with a hot and heavy half-hour session (which theoretically — and hopefully — would include an orgasm or three).


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Multiple orgasms

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Skinny multiple orgasms. Sign up for our newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. The extra stimulation causes blood to rush into the genital tissue, keeping it supple and refreshed. Orgasms offer powerful pain relief. So it’s no surprise that most of us have enjoyed a fabulous night of sleep following some really great sex. Orgasm world championship milla y vs gerda y.

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Orgasm world championship barbara y vs lovenia. Getting busy for 30 minutes not only heats up your honey, but it also burns calories.

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