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Even michael seemed shocked by that. Yes they did, it’s really no different than getting married just legally and then having a ceremony afterwards, also if they didn’t actually get married on the boat then it doesn’t matter because they got married afterwards anyways. Look, this guy’s clearly one of those people that feels they need to go against the norm because it makes them feel special. Your comment has not yet been posted. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. To be perfectly honest jim deserved a punch in his smug face after he threw the first snowball.


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Snowball from asshole. They’ve got each others backs. All he does at work is goof off and give dwight a hard time. I will get this babe pregnant no doubt. I think it was an ice ball, i don’t think it was every clarified what it was made of exactly, correct me if i’m wrong. I’ve recently come to the realization that jim is kind of an asshole.

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Fairly certain when he started at the company they weren’t engaged, and also roy was clearly a fairly abusive person. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.

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