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End the relationship, and find a healthy woman (or a man if you’re the woman receiving this form of abuse), and move on. Many women think of sex as their ultimate power when it comes to relationships. I didn’t think he was having an affair and i still don’t think that he was at the time. But, it happens to us as well.

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Wife withholding sex. For example, i send books to women and wait for them to read them and talk about them. Some men, (usually the ones having sex) prefer to treat their wives with love care patience tenderness and understanding when it comes to sex. They were on their way over already. It’s a good thing we are not in that type of relationship” then i will usually walk out of the room and leave the house. Please, find some support for yourself, friends, healthy (emotionally) family members, a support group, church. Now it’s much less novel its effect is a little diluted. And you can too.

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She has always wanted to go back to colombia, even if it means leaving me. Why men start majority of sexual encounters? and by majority i mean 90%+. May the lord bless you & strengthen you as he leads you this journey.

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